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Pavlov's Kats delivers an authentic, polished R&B sound. For over a decade, fellow  East Bay natives Paul Alway and Amy J. Raab.  have been putting the "R" and "B" in rhythm and blues.  One evening after an impromptu jam session with  Ryan Dourgarian (drums) Kevin Galloway (sax) and Wen B. Vegas  (bass)  they knew the five of them were a great fit and decided to take their show "on the road".  With the recent addition of lead guitarist Gomer Hendrix Pavlov's Kats solidifies themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

"I'm truly blessed to work with such fun and talented musicians."  ~Amy

"I love the versatility and breadth of the material we cover. It's so much fun going from Gladys Knight to the Foo Fighters in the course of a set."  ~Wen

"Can we dance with your dates?" ~Gomer

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